Whether you need a buff and polish or a full-fledged "make better" a la Queer Eye, writing about yourself can leave you feeling perplexed and deeply conflicted. I'm sure this is why surgeons don't operate on their own children: simply put, you're blinded by love. And trying to articulate words that delight and convert with serious mental gridlock can be as useless as the g in lasagna.  

Brand & Website Copywriting


Closing in on your newest offering you can't wait to share with the world? Booyah! And cheers. From soup to nuts, there's a hell of a lot that goes into a launch. Here's the thing about that goodness you're about to take to market; it may be all that and a bag of chips, but without the strategy to have your message cut through the noise, your launch is doomed to fall flat. 

Launch Copywriting



For six weeks, we'll be joined at the hip as we build your launch from to concept to cha-ching. Prepare for a series of heart-to-hearts as we dive deep into your brand, your offer, and your purpose to chisel out your unique voice (I'll bring the Cabernet).

Together, we'll collaborate to craft the strategy and messaging that'll support your launch (and pad your bottom line). From there, I'll take your vision and run with it. After our strategy meetings, you'll be cool as cucumber as you head into your launch with a long-form sales page, email sales sequence, social media ads, and a brand messaging guide. 

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Launch Copywriting

Martha Stewart Weddings is gonna gobble this up. This one will snag the front page of Style Me Pretty. Brides Magazine won't know what hit 'em. There's just one thing standing in your way: the dreaded write-up. As a special offering to honor my roots as a wedding photographer, I take on a limited number of publication submissions. Let me step in and put words to your imagery that'll get you celebrated and seen. 

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Perfect Publications

Just say no to lukewarm Instagram captions. You know you need to post something today, but for a dozen different reasons, you can't craft a caption more thoughtful than an inspirational quote from Pinterest. It's easy to see when you're phoning it in on social media. It's like warming up leftover salmon in the break room microwave at work. Everyone can smell it, but no one wants to point out that it stinks.

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Social Stories


Fixin' to have some words written for a smaller project? If you're looking for a way to dip your toe into the waters of working with a writer (or simply trying to save your sanity by handing off busy work in your biz), this is a great place to start. Take this a sign from the universe that it's time to treat yourself with the most radical form of self care there is for business owners (hint: it's outsourcing). 


A La Carte Services

Gimmie the gOODS!

The juicier, more valuable, more magnetic your subject lines are, the more love you're gonna get from your list in the form of sweet, sweet opens. That's more eyeballs you're getting in front of. Click below to download my ultimate handbook to email subject lines. 

Consider your subject the pick-up line of your email.


Let's talk ⟶

Brands are fickle things. I'm here to remind you it's okay to wrestle with yours every once in awhile. After all, your words are given a pretty tall order when it comes to putting your personal brand in a nutshell: be aspirational yet authentic, poetic yet concise, all as you try your damndest to boil down years of wisdom and intention into a handful of paragraphs. Isn't it time you get back to the things only you can do (instead of writing about it)?

Join me for a four week brand and messaging intensive and prepare to do a little soul searching. We'll put our heads together to get to the bottom of your uniquely you-ness and the value you bring to the table. Together, we'll craft the mood board of your brand so you'll be crystal clear on your message as we write your website from top to bottom. At the end of the day, you'll have more clarity on your brand voice than ever before, a sparkling new website, and a strategy playbook of how to implement your rock-solid message going forward.

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Brand & Website Copywriting


The Copy Olivia wrote exactly represented where I wanted My Brand to be And TOok it A step further... Almost like the version of myself I hope to be ten years from now.

It was just so needed to get out of my own head... It's a very vulnerable experience to pass your business off to someone else and let them take creative control of how you look or sound. After reading through my copy a couple of times, it was like, "Yes! This is exactly what I wanted my brand to sound like–but taken up ten notches." It went beyond what I imagined it could be. That's the magic of working with a great copywriter. They take your voice and make it better.

–Bryn SMITH, Grey & Gold Creative


"Olivia's magic words and magic brain were just what my businesses needed at a crucial time for growth! I was nervous to get help with writing because I thought no one could ever capture my voice, but somehow, Olivia did!"


"Olivia is nothing short of amazing. I could never express my sincere gratitude in the right words. Speaking of words...Olivia is a word and copywriter genius! Olivia made me giggle and teary-eyed in the same breath because it’s all so beautifully captured. Hiring Olivia was the best investment I made all year."

–Kahla Kristen

"Working with Olivia felt like chatting with an old friend. I loved getting to bounce ideas around with her. I felt heard, validated, and encouraged. Now, I feel more inspired to write from the heart to keep telling MY story."

–Melanie Anne

"Olivia is magical! I felt understood. Working with Olivia was a breath of fresh air. I needed the positivity and grace. As creatives, we're sometimes extremely hard on ourselves. Olivia created a safe space for me to vent and express what was on my mind. She allowed my thoughts to be made tangible."

–Molly Puckett

"Olivia's word wizardry has given me a newfound sense of confidence when I send prospective clients to my website, because it finally evokes the response I've been aiming for and missing the mark. Now it's spot on, and I couldn't be happier! If my website were a garden, Olivia plucked the weeds and nourished the soil."


"The writing process is usually pretty daunting, mostly because I don't even know what to say... When I finally get words on the screen, they're mediocre! Working with Olivia has been a simple but eye opening process. She makes everything so easy to understand. I'm looking forward to all the money that's about to come rolling in!"

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